Sizing Up Eyeliner

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Learning how to apply eye makeup the right way can have its benefits. One of my most important pieces of advice: eyeliner can be a girl’s best friend. It’s a little wonder that can turn your eyes into sassy, sexy or sultry with simple lines or bold colors. Applying eyeliner can be difficult. But with the right practice and eye makeup tips in mind, you can enhance your features graciously. Fact is, everyone has a different eye shape, and eye set. Depending on the style of eyeliner and application method you choose, you can make them appear smaller or larger. There are many different possibilities—the best part is playing with to work best for your own personal eye set.

Having a set of smaller eyes can help you appear mysterious, but if you’re looking to widen your eyes and make them appear larger, all you need is eyeliner. To make your eyes appear bigger, use dark liner and line just below the lash line on your lower lashes. Be sure that you don’t line the inner rim of your eyes and extend to the outer corner. When applying eyeliner, extending the line beyond the outside of your eyes moving upwards to create a cat eye will make your eyes look wider. Another trick to use is white eyeliner. Use white eyeliner or a highlighting color on the inside corner of your eyes to bring more light to them, making them appear larger. Sticking to applying eyeliner on half of the lid will open up your eyes and give the illusion that they’re bigger. Big curly lashes are another must-have, and will add the extra va-va voom you’re looking for. Use an eye lash curler to help you get the shape and follow with a dark voluminizing mascara.

If you have a large set of eyes and you’re not careful with your eye makeup application, heavy shadows and liners can be a bit much. The last thing you want is to look like a drag queen, right? The key to applying eyeliner on large eyes is keeping the line thin enough to make it look natural. If you’re using a pencil, crème or powder to create you lines, blend and smooth them out for a seamless finish and a gorgeous natural look. On larger eyes, feel free to line from the inside corner of your eye outward, around the entire top lid. Winging your liner at the end is another fabulous look for larger eyes. Hold your eye taut and use your eyeliner pencil to extend the line up and out. For your lower lashes, be sure to line as close to the lash line as possible.

Applying eyeliner takes a lot of practice, but can be easily mastered. It’s one of your biggest allies in the makeup world, so stock up and start drawing!


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