Secrets for the Swimsuit Edition!

Its time, yet again, for me to geek out over gorgeous super models. The annual Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition just hit newsstands and, like every year, I rushed out to buy it (well, I guess this year, I rushed to my e-reader to download it… we are so advanced in the 21st century, huh?). Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Victoria’s Secret Angels, but I also love the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition. The SI swimsuit models seem to have such a casual and effortless beauty to them, more natural and beach-chic than the glamazons on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk. I’m apparently not the only swim-suit edition obsessed female out there either- the publisher estimates that there are 18 million female readers, all looking for aspirational, yet attainable beauty! Lucky for us, they SI swimsuit models and the pros behind their looks have spilled some top beauty secrets.

  1. Hairstylist Peter Butler prepares for the inevitable water element that is destined to mess with perfectly coiffed locks with mousse. “I’ll blow dry the hair with mousse, which adds a little extra volume. Even when it gets wet, the hair will still hold that texture and shape for a bit longer,” he explains. I love the Nick Chavez Caviar Moisturizing Styling Mousse, which adds the perfect amount of body without weighing the hair down. By far, may favorite mousse!
  2. Obviously, bronze skin is a no-brainer when it comes to beachy beauty- just make sure you achieve it the safe way (aka- self tanner).
  3. Lots and lots of waterproof mascara! Makeup artist Tracy Martin coats the models lashes with 3 different types of waterproof mascara- lengthening, volumizing and thickening formulas to achieve the doe-eyed effect. While, I would never suggest wearing three different mascara to go play beach volleyball, a good waterproof mascara can go a long way!

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