Rules for Wedding Day Makeup

I’ve been a makeup artist for three years now. I’ve done photo shoots, runway shows, proms, engagement parties and bridal showers… you name it, I’ve done it! But two weeks ago, I took a huge task for the first time. I did make up for a good friend and sorority sister’s wedding. Of course, this meant a lot to me. I was so honored that she asked me to do her makeup on such an important day in her life. But the pressure was on! There were also 8 bridesmaids PLUS the bride’s mother. Here are some things I learned during the process. These tips should come in handy for brides-to-be and fellow makeup artists.

Determine your wedding day style
Bring pictures of your dress, colors, veil and jewelry. Talk about your personality and things that will reflect you.

Make a mini scrapbook or collage
We all think we are great at explaining what we want or the look we are going for. It is easiest to keep everybody on the same page with visuals. Not just one, but many pictures, examples and colors. As you look through magazines, rip out anything that you like. In your mini scrapbook or collage, be sure to include fashion trends and specific makeup looks.

Be open to suggestions
Janine and I talked about what she liked and then I also gave her some ideas of what I thought best complemented her facial features.

Do a trial run (Wedding/bridal makeup consultation)

This is so important! It gives both the artist and the bride an idea of what everything will look like. Remember, pictures aren’t as good as the final outcome. This test run will make your wedding day makeup application go a lot smoother.

Get in the habit of taking care of your skin AHEAD of time
This is critical time to be gentle on your skin; you want it to be flawless on your wedding day. You should start working on your skin care regimen 6 months before your wedding day if possible. Make sure to moisturize and exfoliate, and don’t fall asleep at night with your makeup on.
Bring a good friend:
I say a good friend because you need to bring someone who has your best interest at heart, knows you and what you like. A second opinion doesn’t hurt and it also helps alleviate some of the stress.

BE early:
Give yourself plenty of time! You do not want to be rushing on such an important day.


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