Revamp your Makeup Bag for Spring

Spring cleaning shouldn’t just revolve around re-organizing the house. Revamping your makeup bag is an easy way to toss out those old tubes and refresh your look. I’m not talking about throwing out all of your coveted beauty items, but a few products should be updated every season. Prepping your cosmetic closet for spring will give you a new palette ready for the warmer months of the year. These Spring beauty must-have items will go with anything spring fresh and make you feel good too.

What to toss:

If you’ve been holding onto that mascara for more than a few months, it’s time to toss it. Old wands and tubes will harbor bacteria and can easily cause eye infections. The best part about throwing away that nasty old tube is that spring is the perfect time to try out colored mascara. A fellow co-worker has been rocking new electric blue mascara and it looks effortlessly beautiful. It’s just the right amount of dark for indoors and in the sun it makes her eyes pop. Same goes for that older tube of lipstick or gloss. If it’s on the fritz, part your ways with it and grab an updated color like honeysuckle pink or a coral-red.

What to pick up:

Source: Flickr user green heat

Dry nail appliqués are the latest when it comes to hot nail trends and I highly recommend them. They are easy to apply, chip-resistant and come in a variety of fun colors for spring. And if you aren’t going to go for the colored mascara, one spring beauty trend to jump on the wagon for is adding a dash of color to your eye shadow palette. Pick up pop beauty’s Goddess Clutch in Day to Play to easily go from a cool neutral blend to a spice of color in just a few seconds. This will help consolidate multiple colors without taking up a ton of space.


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