Renew your skin while you sleep: Kinerase PhotoFacials Night Moisturizer

Although I love living in sunny Southern California, I am always worrying about sun damage and the effects it has on my skin. I also have very dry skin so I need a lot of protection. Let me tell you about this amazing product I found, Kinerase PhotoFacials Night Moisturizer.
This night cream is a part of an amazing three step system that works to reverse sun damage. I’m kind of new to Kinerase products and this was definitely a great introduction. This product works great on sensitive skin. You can never start worrying about protecting your skin from aging too early. Use this amazing moisturizer to help prevent signs of aging or to work on already aging skin. I have some small dark pigment marks on my cheeks and near my nose I certainly saw an improvement in those areas almost instantly. This moisturizer penetrates the skin making is so smooth. It is very effective but not too greasy or heavy like a lot of other night moisturizers are. Since I suffer from dry skin, I was sure this would go on extra thick. I was so surprised and happy the first time I applied it and found that it wasn’t heavy! I apply this night cream right after I get out of the shower and found that it absorbs quickly. I now use it daily on my face and neck; I also love the SPF in it. Kinerase products are formulated with a revolutionary ingredient called Kinetin. Kinetin has been found to prevent plants leaves from withering. It has also been clinically proven to do the same for your skin! Renew your skin while you sleep with Kinerase PhotoFacials Night Moisturizer.


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