Red Carpet Ready Calendar

The Emmys are around the corner and Hollywood is abuzz with diets, dresses and detoxes.  However, a perfect complexion is just as important as the right hairstyle, jewels and red carpet makeup. Below, my favorite dermatologist and’s Medical Director, Dr. Ashley Magovern reveals the stars’ secrets for saving face and getting red carpet ready.

1-2 Months Before the Red Carpet

  • Chemical Peels “A medium chemical peel can produce pretty dramatic results,” explains Dr. Magovern. “However, the actual peeling of the skin can last a couple weeks. Patients should have these procedures performed at least a month before their big event.” A light chemical peel can be done a week or two prior.

3 Weeks Before the Red Carpet

  • Botox- Botox is one of the most commonly used and accepted cosmetic dermatology procedures on the market. “Botox, when used correctly and in moderation is a great preventative treatment,” states Dr. Magovern. “Recovery time is minimal, but I do suggest patients get Botox at least three weeks before an event just in case there is bruising or a touch up is needed.”

5-7 Days Before the Red Carpet

  • Microdermabrasion-Microdermabrasion treatments are great to have done a few days before a red carpet appearance. It makes skin look and feel smoother almost immediately and the results can last for several weeks after the treatment,” says Dr. Magovern.

48 Hours Before the Red Carpet

  • Facials- Celebrities are known to indulge in extravagant facial before big events, including Mila Kunis’ $7,000 Golden Globes facial utilizing rubies and diamonds. “Facials are great because they are specifically designed and targeted to each person’s skin concerns,” explains Dr. Magovern. “Facials include extractions, cleansings and appropriate masks, which revives the dull skin and is a great quick pick-me-up. I do suggest discussing a client’s skin type and or concerns prior to each facial to avoid breakouts.”


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