Red Carpet Makeup Disaster: Paz de la Huerta

The other day a girlfriend and I got on the subject of Paz de la Huerta. I don’t really remember what sparked the conversation, as neither of us watches Boardwalk Empire. But anyway. Despite her wholly unorthodox approach to beauty, I think Paz de la Huerta is stunning, and so does my friend. (It should absolutely be noted that this friend and I have radically opposing ideas on what makes someone physically attractive.) And, bar fights and all, there’s something about Paz de la Huerta we find endearing. We’re amused by her weirdness. We think she seems messy and fun. We would totally hang out with her! All reasons I feel obligated to reach out to Paz on behalf of my friend and I and urge her to reconsider her stance on red carpet makeup.

Seriously, Paz, we’ve all had days where a makeup intervention could have been in our best interests. I mean, I know I certainly have! But when you know you’re getting your photo taken, there are certain rules you should adhere to. At the very least there are certain missteps you shouldn’t repeat. They are as follows.

1. You can’t be shiny. Now, I happen to love dewy skin. But I know it doesn’t translate well on film. So does every makeup artist on the planet. Except yours, evidently.

2. You can’t substitute bronzer for loose powder. (Such an offense is the only plausible explanation for your recent red carpet look at the Emmys, pictured at right.) Need advice on how to apply bronzer? Check this out.

3. You can’t keep wearing such unflattering shades of lipstick! Grey lipstick looks good on no one outside of fashion editorial spreads. And yes, you ARE Zac Posen’s muse, or whatever. That’s pretty awesome. But real life events call for real life looks. Red lipstick, now that’s better! That’s a start!

4. You can’t skip eyeliner.Paz de la Huerta would benefit from some subtle lining on the bottom lids, on the outer rims only,” said DermStore’s makeup expert Lyneeka. “Nearly everyone looks better with at least a little eyeliner, particularly in photographs.”

Paz, it’s all out of love.


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  1. Lauren says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Way to look out for a sister, Liz!

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