Pump Up The Volume

Limp, lifeless, dull hair is no fun for anyone. Changes in weather, styling products, beauty routines, etc. can really make a difference with the way our hair reacts. When your hair is in need of a little extra life, there are several ways to add volume to your hair, but it all starts with what you use to prep your hair that will make all the difference when the end results are revealed.

Leave it to self-made entrepreneur Nick Chavez, of the Nick Chavez Salon in Beverly Hills to create the perfect product to help pump up the volume in limp, lifeless hair. Nick Chavez Horsetail Root Lifting Spray adds volume, lift and shine for healthy looking locks.

Horsetail extract promotes circulation and assists in nourishing and strengthening hair follicles, giving it vitality and shine with regular use. This product makes adding volume a breeze. Simply spray it at the root for heavy hair that needs an extra lift and blow dry. It can also be used as an all-over volumizer and is humidity resistant and excellent for all climates.

While it says it is good for all hair types, those with extra dry hair should take note that excessive use of products containing horsetail could further dry it out.  There is a light texture to it, but nothing that leaves the hair to sticky or unmanageable. I have very thick hair and this item did wonders on giving my hair a lift. My hair felt soft, healthy and full of volume. Another added bonus: It helps to eliminate frizz and is perfect for curls and waves.

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