Product Spotlight – Pamela Ford Makeup Brushes

By Jenna

If you happen to own mineral makeup of any sort or any makeup at all, you probably own a few makeup brushes. If you’re serious about your makeup routine, you probably own a few professional makeup brushes and it’s either natural or synthetic. A gorgeous eyeshadow palette like Pamela Ford’s 5 Well Eyeshadow Palette has a gorgeous range of 5 colors that can be blended and combined for the perfect look. Luckily, if you happen to have picked up one of her amazing brushes you can do the job as well. Here’s the low down on the cosmetic brushes offered in your latest Beautyfix selection by Pamela Ford.

Source: flickr user Jazzylolo

Blender Flat Brush – This brush is designed to easily blend eye shadows together for a seamless transition between each color. The handle is 8 inches, made for easy handling and application without messing up your foundation underneath.

Concealer/Foundation Brush – This brush is soft bristled and made for applying foundation for a perfectly flawless look every single time. If you weren’t a full time brush user before with you foundation, this may just change your mind. It’s easy to use and clean and really does give a flawless look each time.

Eyeshadow Angle Brush – If you’re going for a night out on the town and want a sultry smoky eye look, this is the brush to use. It’s cleverly angled for the eye crease and lid to achieve an effortless natural or dramatic eye look. It’s also a multi-functioning brush. The top part of the brush is perfect for applying crease colors while the flat part is ideal for color on the lid.

Precise Angle Eyeliner Brush – This kind of brush is my type of brush. It’s diagonal and thin making it perfect for liner and gliding along the lash line. This super soft brush isn’t harsh and won’t hurt on your delicate lash line, which is a problem I’ve run into a few times with these kinds of cosmetic brushes. It works great with gel based liners or cream to powder eyeshadows. It’s perfectly precise for the perfect cat eye.

Highlighter Brush – If you’re looking for that one brush to turn your ordinary brush set into a professional make up brush set this one does the trick. For me it’s been hard to find a really good highlighter brush, because they’re usually not the right shape or too harsh for my eye area. This one is wonderful and can be multi-use as well which is more than convenient. You can use this ultra-soft brush for the brow bone, for the inner corners of your eye, eyeshadow crease brush or for a powder liner brush. It will put a hint of shimmer on the inner corner or brow area for a gorgeous illuminated look. This brush usually finds its way into my purse, because I use it for just about everything making my makeup application easy.

Pamela Ford’s unique cosmetic brushes are made from Takelon which is a silky, ultra-soft, cruelty-free fiber. Each of them is soothing and extremely gentle on your eye area. Each one is shaped especially for precise control and stay in perfect shape after multiple uses. They are also the perfect weight and meant to be used by you for the perfect eye shadow application. Not everyone can be a makeup artist so anything that makes makeup application simpler grabs our attention and these brushes definitely did the trick. The best part about these is how soft they are, how they grab color and powder and that they always keep their shape.


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