Phytomer Hydracontinue Moisturizing Body Milk

I’m always looking for new products that will keep my skin moisturized. During the summer months I am always outside and in water. This dries my skin out and I am constantly moisturizing same thing goes in the fall/winter with the cooler weather I experience dry skin.  Recently I discovered Phytomer HydraContinue Moisturizing Body Milk.

This amazing formula helped my skin retain moisture and softness. With dry skin I’ve found that the most effective formulas are thick and greasy, this body milk proved me wrong.  I’m not a fan of heavy moisturizers, so when I tried this light weight product out and found it to be effective, I was very pleased.  This fascinating milky formula gives a long-lasting barely-there feel. Phytomer products are enriched with natural marine extracts; this helps the product penetrate the skin while still staying soft.  I also like the scent it is very light and clean.

This moisturizer makes my skin soft all day. Soybean, corn oils and sunflower revitalize and nourish your skin while Shea Butter repairs and renews your skin helping improve its elasticity. This moisturizing body milk is enriched with Pheohydrane a 100% natural active ingredient.  I apply this moisturizer daily after showering, I make sure to massage it into my skin until it is completely absorbed. I’m obsessed with moisturizers and this is one of the best I’ve purchased. It leaves my skin silky and smooth for hours. I also like the design of the bottle, it fits the product perfectly.  My skin has improved immensely with continuous use of this amazing product. This is a must have for your daily skin routine.


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