Oily Skin Dilemma

As the weather starts to feel warmer, my skin tends to get a little oilier and I’m in definite need of some oily skin solutions. I probably blot my very oily face with oil-blotting papers at least 5 times a day! For some, having oily skin might feel like a hassle. On the bright side, the natural oils our skin produces are actually what keep our skin nice and soft and even younger-looking. I guess I’m lucky to have inherited oily skin from my mom. As a young girl, I can remember my mom always having to take extra steps in her skincare routine to keep her oiliness under control. Here are some great tips I’ve learned to help control my shiny face.


  1. An oil-free foundation is a must for anyone with oily skin. This type of foundation leaves a more matte finish leaving a smoother appearance on your face.
  2. A lightweight, oil-free moisturizer is essential. The natural oils your skin produces keep your skin moisturized but applying a great moisturizer on top of that adds an extra barrier on your skin to protect and keep it super soft.
  3. Oil-blotting papers will save your face from embarrassing shine. These papers come in handy little dispensers and are great for dabbing off excess oil on your face throughout the day. I keep these in my car, purse and my desk at work.
  4. A face primer is a must too! These miracle workers create an oil-free finish along with a smoother, more even texture for better foundation application. Primers also enable makeup to last longer on oily skin.
  5. And finally, you need a good foaming cleanser to remove the day’s buildup of oil, dirt and makeup. This type of cleanser doesn’t feel greasy and won’t strip all the good oils your skin makes. Lather it on your face to refresh and tone your skin.

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  1. Itchy Scalp says:

    Now i got the solution for my oily skin.Thank you for these 5 tips.I will follow these tips definitely.

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