Off The Beaten Path with ARCONA’s Cranberry Toner

By Jenna

To me toners aren’t normally considered to be facial cleansers.  Generally you use your toner after you exfoliate and before you moisturize, but ARCONA’s Cranberry Toner is breaking down barriers. This product is a multi-active cleansing superstar and is suitable for any skin type. Thanks to an alluring shimmer in the bottle and a heavenly cranberry scent, you’ll be head over heels for ARCONA after using this fabulous product. Here’s why you should take a break from your generic routine and indulge a little off the beaten cleanser path.

This skin toner helps infuse skin with antioxidants that help leave skin smooth and protect from free radical damage. Don’t be shocked when you don’t find a spray pump with this one; it’s a cleanser, toner and moisturizer all in one convenient little bottle, so while helping to hydrate your skin it’s also clearing away unwanted dirt, makeup and debris from your pores. The first thing that I noticed upon using this facial toner was how great it smells. It has a very fruity, warm scent yet it’s light enough not to overpower your senses. It’s actually really refreshing to have a toning cleanser that doesn’t smell like a hospital bed.

ARCONA’s Cranberry Toner is slightly foaming and has a thicker consistency than a regular spray toner. After application, you’ll notice your skin smoother and definitely more moisturized than before. Coming from a cult favorite brand like ARCONA, you can put this product on a higher holistic scale than most. The line was created by a prolific woman who was both a chemist and a holistic skin care pioneer that has gained quite a following over twenty years. ARCONA caters to anyone who doesn’t want to go under the knife but wants plastic surgery worthy results with a motto that anyone of any age can and should have amazing looking skin.

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