Not Your Average Energy Drink- EBOOST


I stay on the go and I’m always looking for a quick boost of energy. I need extra energy without the crash. I tried EBOOST Orange Natural Energy Packets and fell in deep like!  This easy to mix powder packet is formulated with the good stuff like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12. It helps boost your mood, focus and immunity but most importantly it doesn’t make you crash after a few hours.

I like the citrus taste of orange and the natural sources of caffeine. This powder packet is awesome for hangovers and an excellent cure for a cold. The small square packets are similar to the size of a tea bag making them easy to pack in your purse, away in your desk or your gym bag. The citrus taste is not too tart or tangy which I enjoy. I like that it dissolves quick and easy in water, gives you energy but doesn’t leave you jittery like a lot of other energy drinks do.

The boost is subtle but lasting which is great for a work day, no crash city over here! I try to drink EBOOST in place of coffee. And for those watching their figure, EBOOST is only 5 calories and contains no sugar. There are plenty of nasty viruses going around this time of year; EBOOST helps build my immune system. EBOOST also contains niacin, zinc, copper and potassium.

Like I told you earlier it’s not your average energy drink! I like that there was no extreme boost, I was steadily active and alert. Instead of sucralose, EBOOST uses Stevia leaf extract, the only 100% natural and calorie-free sweetener on the market right now. Gotta love it! Gotta try it.


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