Natural Beauty

Organic and natural skin care products are hardly new developments in the skin care industry but the trend is still growing and developing constantly. Every day there are more and more customers searching for products that are free of parabens, synthetic dyes and other preservatives. Unfortunately, natural and organic skin care products  can be confusing and tough to navigate through. For example, natural and organic products are different and actually have different guidelines to follow.

While natural and organic skin care products are great in theory, I have had a difficult time finding effective products that fit in the genre. Recently, I scoured DermStore’s Natural and Organic section, read the reviews and discovered some great lines that are both organic or natural, support the environment and effectively help improve skin.

I really love the Eminence line, they have a great mix of ingredients and smart formulations while still feeling and smelling luxurious. Eminence produces serious results with natural ingredients taken from fruits and vegetables and is one of the very few skin care brands available that offers truly organic skin care products.  Many of the products contain natural exfoliators and each product is enhanced with Eminences Bio-Complex  to supply the skin with a burst of antioxidant protection. Plus, if it is good enough for Jessica Biel and her glowing skin, it is good enough for mine!

Another skin care line that I really like is RAW Skin Care, from Raw Natural Beauty, which contains products that comprise a good anti-aging regimen. They encourage collagen production and cell turnover, fight free radicals and improve discoloration. RAW Skin Care utilizes natural ingredients proven to improve the skin’s appearance. Active botanical extracts boost collagen production and function, while antioxidants fight free radical damage and environmental stressors like sun, stress and pollution.


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