Nailed It!

I am a big Nailtiques fan and have been for years. I have a very distinct memory of my mom constantly applying the clear Nailtiques polish to her nails on long family car trips when I was younger. My mom, being a very natural beauty, hardly wore makeup, so this was my version of her applying lipstick before a date out with my father. It was the beauty tip I inherited from my youth (that and to drink a lot of water, but I digress).

When I learned that Nailtiques launched a new line of nail polish colors that feature on trend shades and still provided all the amazing benefits of their original formula, I was beyond excited! My mom, and subsequently I, originally fell in love with this amazing brand because their polish is specifically designed for nails that are soft, peeling, split or have trouble growing. The formula consists of a unique blend of protein and conditioners to help fortify the nails. The salon-tested formulations offer special combinations of ingredients, including keratin and protein to build a healthy nail foundation. The transformation in my nail health when I consistently wear the polish is so impressive it is hard to believe. Now that Nailtiques is available in awesome colors, I am even more in love! There are several colors available in Beautyfix this season and I was randomly given the deep red nail polish color- a shade that always makes me feel put together.


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