New Year’s Resolution: My Mane Story

I always get stuck when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. I love working out (weird, I know) and eat pretty healthy, so the standard resolutions are not really my thing. In the past, I have tried to limit my vice- a post work and/or workout drink. But then a voice of reason (or a voice of no self-control) kicks in and says “life is short, drink wine!”. So, in an effort to not set myself up for failure, I opt out of the No Drinking resolution. This year, I decided to set a different type of New Year’s Resolution- a beauty resolution! I, Amy Bailey, queen of lazy and sole advocate of making wet hair in public acceptable, will make an effort to blow dry my hair on a daily basis!

I do have a confession about this beauty resolution. I didn’t decide to do this, nor would I even fathom blow drying my hair on a daily basis, until I discovered the most amazing blow dryer ever.  Working in beauty PR I have been lucky enough to test out some pretty high-end hair tools. Until now, none have made me look at doing my hair as anything other than a chore. Honestly, I have always ranked blow drying my hair right next to going to the bank or folding laundry- loathsome chores. All that changed when I tried BLOWOUT BEAUTY’s blow dryer. If I had to describe it in two words, it would be “AMAZINGLY FAST!!!!!!!” (yes, the multiple exclamation marks are necessary).  I first used the BLOWOUT BEAUTY hair dryer on a recent business trip, in which I actually had to do my hair as to look somewhat professional. The blow dryer worked so quickly that each morning in the hotel, I would put an English muffin in the toaster, blow dry my hair, and my hair would be dry before my English muffin was toasted. True story.

BLOWOUT BEAUTY’s dryer actually projects an airflow that reaches up to 50 MPH, is extremely lightweight, durable and easy to use. Did I mention it is also made in Italy? Talk about high quality!

So am I going to stick to my resolution and not leave the house with wet hair in 2013? I don’t know if I can hold true for ALL 2013, but I DO know that the 3 minutes it takes to blow dry my hair is totally worth it!


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  1. Brenda Frye says:

    My hair is and I sure Need all of new Things.

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