My New Skin Savior: Zensation Glycolic Acid Essence 10 Percent

I am definitely NOT one of those people who needs to be reminded to exfoliate more. If anything, the opposite is true; you see, when I was in my early 20s, I got my first spa facial.  The esthetician informed me that my skin was so dry and congested that my moisturizer was rendered useless/unable to penetrate … and of course this perpetrated a vicious cycle: My skin felt and looked dry, I’d slather it with a heavy cream that probably wasn’t right for my skin at that age anyway, and nothing would change. Until I got that facial, I mean! That particular facial included a light glycolic acid peel, which righted my wrongs, gently sloughing away dead skin and clearing out my pores. In short, it made my skin receptive to the products that I used (which, by the way, were minimal, as I was a spring chicken and wrinkles and spots were the furthest things from my mind). Since then, I’ve been mildly obsessed with glycolic acid products. I do enjoy a nice coarse scrub from time to time, and I do use a Clarisonic brush to wash my face if I’m removing a lot of makeup. But glycolic acid has always worked for me. Whenever my skin is acting up—be it eczema, breakouts, spots or dullness—glycolic acid proves to be a hero.



And that’s why I love Zensation Glycolic Acid Essence so much!

With a 10% formulation, this stuff is fairly gentle. (Much more gentle than your standard retinol product, that’s for sure.) Overzealous as I admittedly am, I can never seem to use too much of it. It’s never once irritated my skin, and I can definitely tell a difference when I don’t use it. And not for the better.

Bottom line: I’m all about glycolic washes, glycolic toners, glycolic anything. This product is one of the easiest ways to get some glycolic acid in your life, and if you’ve got skin that’s anything like mine (combination/sensitive), you need it.

Did you receive this gem in your Beautyfix kit this season? If you did, you know what to do! Leave a comment telling us how much you love it.


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