My New Haircut, Beauty Blogger Edition

This past weekend I did something drastic- I had about 6 inches of my hair cut off. This was not intentional mind you; I had not been saving my strands to donate or going through some self-revelation-chop-off-my-hair-because-I’m-a-new=person phase. Nope, this was sheer desperation on my stylist’s part. You see, I love long locks and desperately wanted long Blake Lively hair, but I had a few things working against me. 1. My hair. It sucks. It is really wavy/curly but not in a pretty way because it is so thin. 2. My laziness. I am so lazy on the weekends that even sitting in a salon chair for an hour seems like a daunting task. 3. I’m cheap.  As you can probably guess from my blow dryer post, I don’t like spending money on beauty treatments. In fact the last time I had a real haircut was from my beauty ambush at work over a year and a half ago. I actually loved this haircut because, well, it was free and I didn’t have to waste an hour of my weekend.  Love me some free haircuts during work hours!

Anyways, due to my cheap, lazy attitude and natural lackluster hair, I was not looking very Blake-esque. I decided it was time to bite the bullet and have my seemingly annual haircut. I bought a groupon (hello cheapness!) to a fancy salon in Beverly Hills and prayed my appointed stylist would work his/her magic. My only instructions were to “please, please, please take off as a little as possible”. That “little as possible” ended up being 6-ish inches! I guess there really is some truth to the every 6-8 weeks thing. Despite the loss of half a foot of hair, my stylist did work some magic! He gave me a fun cut with some long layers and side swept bangs. My new haircut seems to enhance my hair’s natural texture and makes me want to embrace the shoulder length trend! Regardless as to whether or not I strive for Lively’s hair again or keep it short, I definitely learned the hard way that I need to be diligent about getting trims.

What about you? Do you abide by the haircut every 6-8 weeks rule? Do you give yourself a little trim in between visits or cut your own bangs? Do you rely on a special treatment product like Phyx to keep your hair healthy? Let me know! And try to make me feel somewhat better about not seeing the inside of a salon since 2011!


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