My Ode to Batiste

If you have read any of my other posts, you have probably gathered that I tend to be a bit relaxed when it comes to some beauty rules of thumb. However, my biggest beauty blunder is (ahem..WAS) most certainly my excessive hair washing. All beauty gurus are aware that  daily washes can strip our hair of its of natural oils and shine. Sadly, for my hair’s sake, I have been a daily washer for as long as I can remember (Sometimes twice a day. Oh, the horror!) and have been unable to find a dry shampoo that can tame the greasy mess I refer to as my hair.

This awful habit started during my childhood- rushing from swim practice, to school and then back to swim practice, which lead to at least two hair washes per day.  Now that I am older and a little more beauty savvy thanks to my oh-so-knowledgeable coworkers, I have realized the error of my ways. Unfortunately, due to daily sweat sessions at the gym, I still need a way to freshen up. A few of my coworkers suggested different dry shampoos for me to try- all in powder form. I tried a few (no naming names) and they just did not work. I have very thin, dark brown hair and after each application of the powder, my hair was still greasy, still stringy- the only difference was my grey-ish tinted roots from the dry shampoo powder.

Then my life changed. Someone at work gave me Batiste dry shampoo, a brand that is wildly popular in the UK and just made its way over to our side of the pond.  I decided to give dry shampoo one last effort and try Batiste, which comes in an aerosol can. The application was so easy! Instead of basically dumping baby powder on my head, like the dry shampoo powder versions, Batiste sprays the hair evenly and lightly- perfectly coating my hair. Simply shake the can really well, spray towards your roots, and message through with your fingers. It adds instant volume and life back into the hair and completely eliminates and greasy feeling. It is the perfect solution for post-gym, when you are running late or if you just need a little lift or texture.


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