Murad-Hybrids Absolute Bronzing Boost SPF 15: Something to Boast About

I am not usually a big fan of bronzers, as it seems like something that would just be a hassle to apply. I’m afraid that I will not blend it in correctly and it will turn into a makeup mishap or what I call ‘tangerine face’ (orange face, white neck), one of my biggest makeup fears.  I do however, love tinted moisturizers because they are convenient and leave you with a natural looking glow that can easily be washed off. With a tinted moisturizer, other makeup is not needed because with the right product, it covers all imperfections flawlessly. Murad Hybrids Absolute Bronzing Boost SPF 15 is a hybrid of perfection!

I wore this bronzer for two days now and both days I got several complements on my tanned complexion (and not in a Snooki kind of way). It balances skin hues and restores tone providing a natural looking color with buildable coverage. So if you need it to be darker, just add on a bit more. I only used a light layer and that was all I needed for the day. It protects and promotes skin health while revealing a gorgeous glow.

The convenience of this product is what makes it an added plus in my book. With sweet almond and jojoba oil infused into the formula, it serves the purpose of a moisturizer and foundation with SPF 15 protection.  It allows for quick application with glowing results. At the end of the day, simply wash it off and you are back to your natural canvas. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a convenient alternative to their beauty routine. It is a 3-in-1 product that is both cosmetic and skincare.


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