Move Over Emerald, Amethyst Has Arrived

Let’s face it, a lot of shimmery eyeliner pencils can only be a mess. The color fades or smears down your eye, the glitter can be too harsh and you end up being disappointed overall and more money has gone to waste. That pencil will then be shelved away only to make an appearance 3 years later when you’re cleaning out your excess makeup bag inventory. Not this time beauty junkies, not with Pencil Me In Cosmetics’ Eye Accent Pencil. It’s the perfect eye pencil when you’re in need of a little pop.

I loved how smoothly this pencil glides on with just the right amount of color and shimmer. Not too drag queen and not heavy, the shimmer wasn’t too much to make my eyes bug out. We’ve all seen that unfortunate look right? This soft plum is pigmented enough to create a dramatic makeup look or something subtle just to make your eyes stand out. Instead of opting for my trendy emerald green eye pencil, I’ve been using this on my lower lash line for that extra touch to bring out the green in my eyes. Along with lasting throughout the day, purple passion is versatile enough to complement any eye color.

As much as I love this pencil, I do need to forewarn my fellow Beautyfix lovers. After opening the plastic on this one, make sure that you sharpen the pencil once more to shave away any hardness. The pencil will be smooth thereafter and you’re ready for use! By the way, how amazing is the cap/sharpener that comes with it?

Beautyfix tested tried and true, it’s absolutely perfect for an unexpected dash of eye color without screaming desperate for attention. How could you go wrong?


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