Mix it up with Fall 2010 Makeup Trends

By Jenna

If you live on the West Coast like I do, then you know: summer has gotten off to a bit of a late start this year. So, now that they’re finally here, how can we keep these warm nights alive? Easy! Enter Fall 2010 makeup trends. This autumn, it’s all about taking the vibrant colors of summer—and the styles that ruled fall fashion shows—and turning them into brand-new looks that are wearable day and night. Don’t go shelving your bronzer just yet—but do have fun finding out which fall makeup trend you like best!

Fall Makeup Trend # 1: Go Grunge

Source: Flickr User Mait Juriado

That’s right—put away the liquid liner. Sure, a classic cat eye is timeless, but smudging it up using pencil eyeliner with a handy angled sponge will infuse your look with a bit of the grunge trend that’s everywhere right now. Hint: the goal here is an I-just-slept-in-my-smoky eye makeup-all-night look. (If you really have, then you get extra points.) To achieve it, reach for an intensely pigmented shade of black, then use the sponge at the end of the pencil and smudge away to get a sexy, edgy must have beauty look.

Fall Makeup Trend # 2: Berry Lips

Lips that scream “very berry” are a definite must to stand out this season. The trick to mastering this fall makeup trend: Don’t shy away from color! Choose a plum, aubergine or berry- red lipstick shade for luscious lips, and try a matte finish if you’re in search of the perfect stained look. Pair this fall makeup trend with fresh, flawless skin and you’re sure to get noticed.

Fall Makeup Trend # 3: Warm it Up

Evocative of gorgeous summertime sunsets, makeup palettes that incorporate glimmering golds and bronzy oranges are here to stay. To harness the inspiration behind bright summer makeup and translate it into a fresh look for fall, look to shimmering bronze eye makeup. How? Use a gold or bronze shadow and line the bottoms of your eyes, or take it a step further by circling both upper and lower lids.


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