Makeup Looks for Halloween

By Liz W

Ghostly look user Geishaboy500

To transform your usual glowing skin to appear ghostly, it’s not just really pale foundation that does the trick, a really heavy smokey eye and dark lip will create that extra contrast for a ghoulish gaunt look. user BinJabreel user BinJabreel

You don’t need a professional makeup artist to go from fresh faced to feline, the cat eye is easy to achieve with some liquid liner and a steady hand. Just extend the liner out past the corners of your eyes and go over it with a smokey shadow to smudge away any imperfections. user arianne... user arianne...

Almost no fantasy make up look is complete without a set of false lashes. The trick is to put them on correctly right up against your natural lash line. This way they will look more realistic and will stay secure all night user Jacob Motrasio user Jacob Motrasio

If you desire a more natural makeup look this Halloween,just glam up your daily makeup by adding some liquid liner and bright lipstick. user Fotographix user Fotographix

The super smokey eye is a makeup trend that goes with almost any costume. These girls go for even more drama with pale faces and false lashes.


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