Makeup APPlication: The New Way to Shop For Color Cosmetics, Courtesy of Pur Minerals

Makeup /technology geeks everywhere, rejoice: Pur Minerals—a line that’s long been a favorite of ours, offering skin-friendly mineral makeup that doesn’t contain harsh ingredients and isn’t tested on animals—has just introduced an exciting iPhone app: iPur Beauty. And it’s gonna change the way you think about new makeup looks and shop for color cosmetics.

Remember those funny (albeit futuristic at the time) mall kiosks from the early 2000s that had the ability to take your photo then show what you’d look like sporting different hair styles and colors? Well, iPur Beauty is the app incarnation of that—but it’s so much better. Anyone using an iPhone or iPod Touch (and running the 4.0 version of the operating system) can grab this awesome beauty tool from the app store at no cost. And I strongly encourage you to do so!

With iPur Beauty, you can test-drive a brand new makeup look by following a few very easy steps. Once you’ve downloaded the app, all you need to do is snap a photo (a clean, makeup-free face makes for the best canvas) or select a model’s image from the photo gallery. Now you’re ready to experiment! From base makeup to blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and lip color, iPur Beauty enables to you try out colors from Pur Minerals’ entire line. No crowded cosmetics counter to deal with, no coming home with a bogus shade, no hassle. Best of all, these experiments are shareable—you can email them to a friend for a second opinion or share them via Facebook to see what everyone in your social network thinks about your proposed makeover. The app also allows you to shop online or locate nearby retailers—and of course, you can always snag your favorite Pur Minerals makeup products at

Have an iPhone or an iPod Touch? Grab the iPur Beauty app and have fun with it—show us your new looks!


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  1. DWJ says:

    Now that’s a cool app. I wish all brands would do something similar.

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