Lights, Camera, Action!

With the launch of our awesome new BeautyTV, I have been spending a lot more time in front of the camera- which I actually really enjoy! It is so fun to work with the video production team and learn about new beauty products before they come out, plus my grandmother loves watching my videos (she might be the only one…). The only downfall is my hair! It is long, thin, stringy, damaged and in need of a serious haircut (we have discussed my laziness when it comes to this, don’t be surprised). As you can imagine, my hair was looking pretty lifeless on camera.  Our hairstylist tried everything to make my hair look camera ready but nothing was working- until we were introduced to Denise Richards Volume Extend by Cristophe!

It makes sense that someone who has spent years behind the camera developed a product line that would cure my onscreen woes! Denise Richards and stylist to the stars, Cristophe, came together to create an amazing line of volumizing and nourishing products that promote healthy and fuller looking locks. Plus, it is cruelty free! The entire line features innovative Voluminis and Aquaflex technology, which adds serious volume. Additionally, antioxidents, such as sea fennel, protect the hair and keep it hydrated. I could tell an immediate difference the first time we used it on my hair! The entire line is fantastic but my personal favorite is the Finishing Spray, which kept my hairstyle in place but natural looking and I never felt as though my hair was stiff or crunchy. I was able to move around naturally and feel confident on camera. I might not look as great as Denise Richards, but thanks to her new product line, at least my hair can!


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