Lessons from Lesley. Lesson 2- Seven Easy Steps to Smoky, Sultry Eyes

Sultry, smoky, come-hither eyes is a look that has been in for decades and some of us (ok… probably just me) have been attempting to perfect it for almost as long. My first attempt at this dramatic eye makeup look resulted in a high school classmate inquiring as to whether I had a black eye. Never one to be easily deterred, I summoned some good old fashioned if-you-don’t-succeed-try-try-again attitude and attempted smoky eye makeup for the second time. This time, causing my younger sister to take me to the MAC makeup counter at the mall and receive a crash course in eye makeup application. My first piece

Smokey Eye Makeup Image by Flickr user dreamglow pumpkincat210

of advice from the makeup pro? Smoky eyes are never a good look for school, or just about any day time function for that matter! Point taken. Her other easy to follow eyeshadow techniques have served me well over the past ten years. However, since it has been a decade (depressing) I grudgingly admitted that it was time to add a few new tricks to my repertoire. Eagerly, Lesley, my outspoken and cosmetically inclined cubicle-mate, offered some Amy-proof eye makeup tips.

Eye shadow techniques for smoky eye makeup

  1. Prep your peepers. Apply a base or primer on the eyelids and brow bone, which will prevent the eye shadow from streaking. If you are in a bind and don’t have a primer, concealer will work too.
  2. Apply a base coat to your lid and brow bone using a light and shimmery color. The trick to creating the perfect smoky eye makeup is to use contrasting colors, so using a light base will help accentuate the darker shadows.
  3. Apply black, charcoal or brown eyeliner starting at the inner corner of your lash line and work outward. Don’t be afraid to go a little thicker on the eyeliner! Once you finish, smudge and blend the liner using a q-tip.
  4. Apply dark eyeshadow onto the lid by beginning at the lash line and extending into the crease of the eye.Remember, the darker the shadow, the greater the contrast and the more dramatic the look.
  5. Blend! The key to creating the perfect dramatic eye makeup effect is to seamlessly blend the colors together, using an allover eye shadow brush and blend upward and outward until there is no distinct line.
  6. The final touch for the perfect dramatic smoky-eye look is serious mascara. Swipe on several coats until your lashes are as long and lush as you like.
  7. Admire! You created gorgeous smoky eye makeup in less than 5 minutes!

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