Lessons from Lesley. Lesson 1 – How to apply blush for everyday wear

How to apply blush. Flickr user Ritab38315

I’m somewhat of an anomaly within my company, career, and probably most women my age- I know close to nothing about beauty products! My lack of knowledge when it comes to primers, powder, plumpers, serums, sprays and just about anything makeup related has become increasingly evident since I began my current job at a high-end beauty company.  Prior to this job, my bathroom cabinet was constantly stocked with generic lotion, plain soap, one brand of makeup (same shades as in high school!) and whatever drugstore shampoo happened to be on sale that week. Now, I have a plethora of products at my finger tips and no idea what to do with them! As it turns out, I don’t even know how to apply blush properly. Lucky for me, I sit next to Lesley- a cosmetic genius, skin care guru and all-around whiz with a makeup brush. Also lucky for me, she isn’t shy about offering “constructive criticism.”

Lesson One- How to Apply Blush (without looking like the main attraction at a five year old’s birthday party)

I may not have a huge variety of colors and products in my bag, but my favorite cant-live-without item is blush and needless to say, I am slightly heavy handed in the application process. The other day, I received a new Colorescience Blush with a built in blush brush and was so eager to try it out that I applied it right at my desk. After swiping it across my cheekbones, I inspected myself in the mirror. I murmured an approving “mmhhmmm” and thought, “Not bad! Nice rosy color, what more could a girl want from a blush?” Once I looked up over the cubicle divider and saw Lesley’s face I knew that my assessment was slightly off.

After nicely explaining that I had essentially drawn pink racer stripes across my face, she took the time to impart her wisdom and explain the correct way to apply blush.

Step 1. Choosing the right blush -

“Your blush color should match your skin tone. Think about the color of your cheeks when you get out of the shower or after you finish exercising and try and find a blush that matches that shade,” explained Lesley. “Obviously, lighter pinks look better on fair skin and warmer colors look great on darker skin tones.”

Step 2. Best Type of Blush Brush

“There are so many different types of makeup brushes and a lot of people assume just about any cosmetic brush will work for applying blush. Not true! Using a proper blush brush will make all the difference. A real blush brush has long, soft bristle and is either slanted or rounded shape. You should use the slanted brush if you are contouring and the rounded brush is for more even and natural placement of the powder.”

Step 3. Blush Application

“Blush can make your skin look healthier and vibrant with a couple quick swipes, however there is a correct way to apply blush and make sure it looks natural. Your skin naturally flushes on the apples of your cheeks, so that is where the blush should be applied. Look in the mirror and smile, that will help you determine where to apply. After brushing the blush onto your cheeks, make sure that it is blended properly. The key is to enhance your facial features but make sure it looks natural.”


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