Kick Bad Beauty Habits So You Can Look Your Best

By Jenna

Everyday we execute actions either knowingly or subconsciously. Sometimes these actions are habitual and aren’t always the best especially when it comes to grooming and beauty. We’re all guilty of bad beauty habits, but can we do anything to kick them out the door? Luckily, we have a few simple ways to lose those addictions. Here are a few bad beauty habits that we recommend you kick to the curb so you can look your best.

Bad Beauty Habit #1 – Sunbathing and not using SPF

In our lifetime we’ve all taken some time in the sun to get that bronzy glow. It makes you look healthier and it’s easy to love getting that vitamin D. Sunbathing can lead to cancer so the trick here is to not do it. Never use tanning beds, and when you are in the sun use SPF. An easy way to remember is by using products that have SPF already in it. There are moisturizers like Coola’s Organic Moisturizing Suncare Sport 45, that will give you lasting coverage and moisture throughout the day. Using makeup containing SPF is also an easy trick. Hourglass has a lightweight liquid foundation with SPF 15 that feels like velvet on your skin. One thing that has helped me keep up with my sun protection is keeping a mineral SPF brush in my purse. That way, it’s always with me and I have no excuses not to use it. I like the Colorescience  Sunforgettable Brush – it gives me the SPF I need plus an added shimmer as an option.

Bad Beauty Habit #2 – Sleeping and working out with makeup on

This is the one that most women have a lot of trouble with. A lot of times we are so busy, that by the end of the night we forget to take the time to remove the icing from the cake. The next morning, we wake up with obnoxious raccoon eyes and smudges on our pillow. Sleeping with makeup on not only makes us look like the bride of Frankenstein in the morning, but it’s bad for our skin. This can increase the speed of the aging process and is a harboring unit for bacteria. How can we have gorgeous skin when there’s old makeup trapped in our pores? Same thing goes for working out with makeup on. As you’re sweating, your pores are opening up and trying to secrete sweat.  If you’ve got makeup on your sweat can get trapped in your pores and cause unnecessary breakouts. We all want to look our best all the time, but there’s nothing worse than seeing a girl with caked up makeup on at the gym. The best solution for this is to use cleansing wipes before bed or working out. They are easy to use and work well when you’re on the go. Jemma Kidd’s cleansing wipes are antioxidant rich, alcohol free, and come in cute packaging you won’t be embarrassed to put in your purse or car.

Sunglasses = SPF blockers

Source: Flickr user Bonnie BonBon

Bad Beauty Habit #3 – Squinting

The sun can be brutal to more than our skin – what about our precious eyes? It may seem simple, and so many people use sunglasses, but there’s a shocking number of women that don’t. Even if it’s cloudy, the haze can still make you squint. Excessive squinting can cause wrinkles, and fast. We spend so much time on anti-aging and preventing fine lines and crow’s feet, why would we want to accelerate the process? Simple solution: Sunglasses! Get a pair anywhere you like! If you’re a designer junkie, grab some Prada sunglasses. If you’re on a tight budget, cheap ones will do just fine. Just be sure that your sunglasses offer the correct protection against UVA and UVB rays. Out of this, your eyes will be at rest and less strained.

Some may not have trouble with these few things, but the majority of women do. The best thing that we can do for our wellness, and ourselves is to be more aware of our actions. Simple steps and prevention is worth a pound of cure. I’d rather be in the percentage of women with beautiful skin, than plagued with unruly wrinkles. These beauty tips will have you one step closer to preventing aging.

What bad beauty habits do you have?


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2 Responses to “Kick Bad Beauty Habits So You Can Look Your Best”

  1. Julie L says:

    Not my personal bad habit but tha which I fin having – using alchohol or oil free products on their face to reduce oil and acne. Those are the worst things you can do. Alchohol strips your natural moisture and this leaves your skin wanting to produce even more oil to make up for it. Oil is fine for oily skin just keep in mind to use natural things like tea tree essential oil diluted in a light base oil like sweet almond or apricot kernal oil. This can be applied to skin to help fight acne and keep bacteria at bay without overdrying the skin. Alternatively, lemon balm hydrosol can be applied to face using a cotton ball and will help absorb oil without drying

  2. Julie L says:

    My apologies on my comment! What I intended to say was that I klhave many customers with this problem and this is sage advice I always provide to help improve their skin!

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