jane iredale’s Magic Mitt

I am trying my very best to be committed to good skin!  This means washing my face thoroughly is a must daily! There are days when I’m in a rush or I’m tired and I want all my makeup off my face quickly! Sometimes washing my faces isn’t enough and mascara is still left hanging around after a quick rinse! jane iredale’s Magic Mitt quickly removes makeup without using a cleanser. This mitt is made up of micro-fibers that are sometimes thinner than actual human hair. Micro-fibers penetrate oil-films removing all your makeup. These fibers also gently exfoliate getting rid of dead skin cells another plus, no harsh soaps or chemicals.

I like that this mitt gets the job done without being too rough. My skin is very sensitive, a lot of cleansers dry it out and I will often still feel makeup-residue on my face. The Magic Mitt is great for an after work or pre-shower routine. Use light pressure to remove most makeup and medium pressure to remove mascara thoroughly. All of your make up will be removed and your skin will feel clean not tight or dry. The Mitt is also convenient because it is small making it easy for travel.  jane iredale’s Magic Mitt is a fantastic way to remove your make up at the end of a long day. It’s hassle free and fits easily into your makeup bag with no additional products required. This Mitt is truly magical! You’ve got to check it out for yourself.


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