It’s D.E.A.R Day!

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In case you didn’t know, April is more than just Rosacea Awareness month, it’s also a party month!  Aside from the mainstream holidays such as Passover, Easter and (I guess April Fools’ Day), there are also quite a few less-traditional opportunities to celebrate.

Yes, today is my birthday, but enough about me, today is also D.E.A.R day as in Drop Everything And Read. For those of you that are not familiar with this day, it encourages you to abandon all prior commitments for the comfort of a good book (or in this case, a good blog), but I digress…

To celebrate this special day, I have taken it upon myself to gather up a few informative beauty resources that you can take some time to read (just in case you are not in the mood for a long book).

  • This very informative Women’s Day article rounds up the 8 best restorative skin care ingredients to apply before bed.  This includes some great advice from Dr. Ashley Magovern, MD, a board-certified dermatologist for DermStore.


  • The DermStore Skin Resource center has a plethora of skin care articles/information. This is a great place to find information on a wide variety of skin care and makeup topics. It is a good way to keep you busy on this not so traditional holiday.


  • The DermStore blog is a great place to read about beauty trends, skin care issues/concerns, makeup application tips/tricks, etc. from none other than the DermStore Staff. Not to mention they do giveaways quite often so you have a chance to win some goodies and bring some additional excitement to this holiday.

That should help get you started with celebrating this special day. Who knows…you may discover some mind blowing information that will change your life.  If you’re reading this sentence then you are already off to a good start!

You know what to do next (D.E.A.R)


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