I Have a Speedo Tan (and what I did about it)

I committed a major beauty faux pas this past weekend. Like MAJOR. My co-workers are going to lecture me for weeks when they read this blog. I am actually a little nervous to hit the publish button.  What act could possibly be so bad that I wish I could post this under “Anonymous Beauty Blogger”? Drum roll….. I went to a tanning bed….. and used accelerator… and stayed in for the maximum amount of time. I know, I know, I know, I am ashamed and totally regret it and will never, ever condone it.  However, in my defense, I have the most intense Speedo tan! Again, that does not justify my lapse in judgment, but I’m actually embarrassed to go to the pool or beach with friends because it looks like I am wearing two bathing suits- a bikini over a white speedo. Sadly, my terrible decision to risk my health for the sake of even tan lines did not pan out- my tan lines are still severe, just a little more bronzed all over. Sigh.

Lucky for me, I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing Manna Kadar at LA Fashion week. She introduced me to her gorgeous namesake line, Manna Kadar Cosmetics. While all the makeup is stunning and expertly crafted, the one item that stood out to me the most to me was her Bronze Beauty Self-Tanning Lotion.  The paraben free lotion boasts an innovative formula that blends natural ingredients, such as Aloe, Vitamin A and Vitamin E, to create a rich tan without ever putting the skin contact with the damaging rays from the sun (or the tanning bed).

I immediately had visions of a tan-line-free back, so I grabbed a coworker and convinced her to lather me up! I asked her to please concentrate on the lighter sections of my back and only use the lotion sparingly on the already tan areas. Almost immediately, my skin began to darken! As the instructions stated, the color continued to darken over the next three hours. While my tan lines are not completely gone (hello, its self-tanning lotion, not magic potion), they are significantly less severe after just one use! An added bonus? The color is totally natural and there is no funky scent! It is safe to say that I found my savior and will be staying out of the dangerous tanning beds from now on! My coworkers will be so proud :)


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