How to Prevent and Restore Aging Hands

Much like a women’s neckline, our hands can reveal so much about our age. Old looking hands can put a damper on one’s overall appearance. To women both young and old, it is very important to incorporate our hands into our daily skin care regimen and is much too often neglected. For younger women, let this be a reminder-take care of your hands now! For older women, it’s never too late to prevent further damage and to start taking action to help reverse the signs of aging.

Our hands are constantly exposed to the harsh abuse of the environment, more frequently than the rest of our bodies. While we should always wash our hands frequently, the contact with water, soap and other every day chemicals can also cause dry and chapped skin

Here are some things you can do to restore aging hands:

Wear Gloves:

Not only is this helpful to keep your hands warm in the harsh winter weather, but wearing rubber gloves while cleaning, gardening or doing the dishes will help to protect your hands from harsh chemicals and keep them from drying out.


This is such a simple step that makes a huge difference. After washing your hands, apply a lotion or hand cream. At night, try applying a hand cream that contains growth factors and promote new collagen formation.

Apply Sunscreen:

 Many people have a hereditary predisposition to Liver spots which are rounded brown or black, flat patches of skin. Although nothing can be done about the role heredity plays, excessive sun exposure should be avoided as this is another factor that can cause spots and discolorations. Protect your hands, just as you would the rest of your body by applying sunscreen with min. SPF of 15. If spots have already formed, explore the possibility of bleaching creams which can be applied to help fade spots and discoloration.

Heated Paraffin Wax Treatments:

Paraffin treatments are warm and the heat helps to increase blood supply to the treated area. A paraffin wax hand treatment both hydrates and smoothes the skin and can easily be done at home. This is especially beneficial in the winter months when hands tend to crack and be more dry. Paraffin helps restore the moisture content.


Try an age-defying manicure and if you don’t do it yourself, be sure to go to a reputable spa or nail salon with good sanitation to prevent any infections.


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