How to get Perfect Eyebrows

By Liz W

Eyebrow shaping has been around for centuries, and in the modern day quest for perfect eyebrows, too many of us have experienced some (often hilariously) bad brow-days.

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If you are like me, then looking back at old pictures can be an eye opening experience. High school portraits and family photos bring back flooding memories of brow disasters. Like that summer when you decided to try the (almost always unacceptable) shave-off-and-draw-in method; Or the next summer when you made up for it by developing a phobia of all hair removal devices, and allowed your eyebrows to not only unite as one, but also let the other ends reacquaint themselves with your hair line.
With so many ways to go wrong with this delicate facial feature, it is no surprise that women worldwide have given up on trusting others with tweezers, wax, and dye near their face.

The best eyebrows are the ones that look naturally groomed, shape the face without overwhelming the eye area, and look so good, they go unnoticed to the untrained eye. Celebrity eyebrows that fall into the awesome category are those of Hayden Panettiere and Megan Fox, and ones that may need a little lesson in color theory, and perhaps tweezer intervention, are available for your viewing pleasure at this bad brow blog.

If you are searching for a product that will fill in the little spaces between your hairs without making you look like Princess Jasmine, either see an expert, or search for a brow filler that is the same tone and a few shades lighter than your natural brows. We all share the fear of looking like that heavy-handed makeup artist sporting Dracula brows, but with the right tips and tools, filling in your eyebrows doesn’t have to be so scary.

  • For dark brown hair, a medium grey-brown shade is usually better than charcoal black (which is how you achieve the Elvira effect) or a chestnut brown (which can look way too red on most complexions).
  • If you are blessed with scarlet locks, chances are your eyebrows are a less intense version of your hair’s red hue, so opt for a slightly golden brown, instead of a crimson shade fit for the circus.
  • For blonde hair, there are 2 obstacles you must overcome
  1. If you are VERY blonde and have white eyebrows, take them down a few notches by dying your eyebrows a light ash-blonde.
  2. Blondes tend to have very sparse hair all over their body, so when it comes to eyebrow shaping, never over-tweeze, just work with what you have and only remove the completely unruly hairs that have no contact with the bulk of your brows.
  • For truly black hair, a dark grey pencil/powder is a great option, and for darker complexions, the charcoal black looks natural.

If you are currently trying to re-grow your brows from an overzealous plucking session, the only advice I have is to wait; and for heaven’s sake STAY AWAY FROM MAGNIFIED MIRRORS. They make every hair appear as if it is miles away from the one next to it, and you could end up with a microscopic row of wisps when you are finished tweezing.

All in all, the best thing to do is to see a professional every other week, but if you must divulge yourself in at-home maintenance, try an eyebrow stencil to achieve the perfect shape every time.


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