Holiday beauty tips: Keeping your makeup fresh for the holiday parties

Oh ‘tis the season to celebrate and yes you have to look good and put your best foot forward (gotta impress that boss you know). Looking fresh and keeping your makeup updated for the holidays can be sometimes a little tough to keep up with. Holiday beauty can be trendy or classic, but either way you may end up eating, drinking and staying out until the wee hours of the morning. How can we keep your makeup fresh you ask? There are a few simple holiday beauty tricks and tips to keep your look beautiful all night long.

Use a lip stain to keep your lips plump and perfect. Benefit has a solid stain for your lips and cheeks, called Benetint and comes in a seductive rose or poppy pink. You can have a drink and not worry about anything on the glass and it’s totally kiss-proof. This rosey jar of liquid gives you a perfect flushed color to accompany you through the parties without any worry of fading or fumbling. Not only is it a good lip stain but you can use it on your cheeks too. Feel free to find one that suits you the best Urban Decay’s Lip Envy is another good one to use.

Lip Stain

Flickr user: Vincent Boiteau

I’m a firm believer of Skindinavia’s makeup finishing spray and have fallen in love with their No More Shine Makeup Finishing spray. This spray gives a matte finish to your look, helps control shine and excess oil (for when you overheat a little bit), helps reduce the appearance of smudging, creasing and makeup slippage and also saves up to 50% of makeup usage. No re-applying! I can’t leave the house without putting on these sprays and not to forget about the rest of the finishing sprays they have to offer for any event or occasion. Not having to check my makeup constantly is a win-win situation.

For your eyes, you can use liquid eyeliner or a cream eyeliner that’ll stay for hours and hours. It’s very easy to apply a classic cat-eye look or just line the basics. Paired with the finishing spray you’re good to go through the night and you don’t ever have to worry about re-applying or touch ups.

There you have it, some eyes, lips and face tips that’ll get stuck on you for the duration of the party. Just don’t indulge too much you’ll still have to carry yourself like the classy lady you are.


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