Hair and Skin Detox

By Liz W

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Usually people are so focused on adding things to their hair and skin, like deep conditioners and moisturizers, they forget that what their beauty routine really needs is a good scrub down. Although it is wonderful to treat your hair and skin to rebuilding and thirst quenching products, sometimes, just the opposite is in order.

Over time, even when using the best beauty products, your hair and scalp will need a good cleanse to remove build up left over from hairspray, mouse, you name it. And even if acne is a distant memory, anti-wrinkle creams will work much better on fresh de-clogged skin.

A quick and inexpensive way to detox your hair is to add a teaspoon of white or apple cider vinegar to your daily cleansing shampoo. This will remove buildup and help smooth and close the hair cuticle. When the hair cuticle is damaged or exposed to heat, it opens and causes the hair to look dull and frizzy, so closing it down will add amazing shine, leaving you with ultra healthy looking hair.

For your skin, the best ways to detoxify are by working from the inside out. Everything you put (and don’t put) in your body shows up on your skin. Make sure to eat a well balanced diet full of whole, unprocessed foods and drink plenty of water. Equal to eating well, exercising is one of the most important things to do for your skin too, as it gets your blood flowing, and body sweating out those toxins.

Even if you eat a perfectly healthy diet, and get all your beauty sleep, it never hurts to treat your skin from the outside too. Dry brushing is an amazing way to stimulate cell turn over and unclog pores. Some people claim it is so effective they don’t even need to use body lotion after showering! For a similar treatment suitable for your face, a facial brush, like the Clarisonic can work wonders for removing dirt and makeup buried in your pores.

We all slip up once in a while and indulge ourselves with too much champagne and holiday treats, but as long as we focus on cleansing our bodies after polluting them with heavy makeup and red meat, we should all be able to stay un-blemished and un-bloated well through the New Year.


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  1. Kristen Regan says:

    I love your picture Elizabeth!!! And you’re right, Clarisonic works wonders!

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