Guide to Wearing this Fall’s Makeup Trends

By Jenna

Fall trends are in effect and the runways featured our favorite makeup trends. From Gaultier, Dior, Marc Jacobs and Chanel, the hair and the fashion can’t all be tied together without the perfect fall makeup look.  Ripped from the runway, we’re seeing 80’s makeup come back with a modern flair and we are loving it! Here are some beauty tips on how to translate this season’s runway makeup looks into something that can be worn everyday this season.

Matte red lipstick

source: Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images North America)

Matte red lipstick: This one is a classic and we’ve seen it on most bombshells and celebrities from A to Z. This look is easy to pull off, you just want to make sure to not over-do it with the rest of your makeup. (Think natural not clown face)Throwing on some eyeliner and mascara and keeping the rest of your face soft is key.  Tip: use a lip conditioner or lip primer first to make sure your lips are in prime condition when you’re ready to apply that lipstick. This keeps the color from fading fast and looking drab. It’s fun to play with your makeup and trying red lips is going bold so the only question you have to ask yourself is do you dare?  (It’ll give you some oomph in your stride too, I promise)

Dark eyes: Dark eye shadow trends this season are dark blues, purples, maroons, reds, and always the smokey eye.  The only thing you need to remember when playing with these colors are to make sure it matches your skin tone (when choosing a red make sure it’s not going to make your eyes look tired).  You can implement these in your smokey eye look or just add a dash of color underneath to pump up your look.

Matte Lips: This is an on-again off-again trend that we see strutting down the runways. This lip color can be paired with the smokey eye look or a colorful shimmery eye.  To achieve this you can prime your lip or use a shadow first on your lip to get an easy look.  Add gloss or keep it au natural and you’re ready to walk your catwalk, either way it’s a sexy look that will turn heads and complement your facial features.

eye shadow

Source: flickr user lynelley

Shimmery eyes: Sometimes when we hit the 80s trends we see bright colors and shiny glitter and lucky for us it’s back! What’s hot right now is a beautiful green, shimmery eye shadow that complements your eye color. Also, for a great night look you can grab a jewel toned glitter eye shadow to put on your lids. This look is great for events or a night out on the town.

Trends are supposed to be fun and while fall colors aren’t always the brightest, we can spruce up our looks with the wonderful world of makeup. Makeup is meant to be played with, so spend some extra time in your day this season and create a masterpiece from eyes to lips. You’ll be shocked by the response when you take a little walk on the wild side especially with makeup.

What are some trends that you’ve tried lately?


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  1. Jovanna says:

    It helps to use a lip stain that is matte and stays on forever! Stila cosmetics has a great rouge lip stain that is RED and compliments may skin tones.

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