Goodbye, Beautyfix. Hello, blush Mystery Beauty Box!

It’s kind of like that old saying goes: out with the old, in with the new! It’s been an amazing run, but Beautyfix is coming to an end. Rest assured, we’ve now got something even better to offer!

The new program—brought to you by— is called blush Mystery Beauty Box, and starting August 1, it will be replacing Beautyfix entirely. Believe me when I say: it’s something to get excited about for so many reasons!

For one, blush Mystery Beauty Box is a monthly thing. That’s 12 times a year versus 4 times a year that you have to look forward to an amazing box of beauty goods being delivered right to your door. Any questions?

Second, blush Mystery Beauty Box  is only $34.95 per month. BUT, if you sign up for auto-refill to receive it every month, you’ll get it for just $24.95. Considering that there is always over $100 worth of full and deluxe sample-size products inside the box—curated by our panel of beauty experts, of course—that is a pretty sweet deal!

But there’s more: if you sign up for July’s blush Mystery Beauty Box and opt to receive it on a monthly basis (locking in the price of $24.95!) you’ll get another $5 off.  (In other words, your July box will be just $19.95!) Just use code BFBLBX when you check out.

Did I mention you’ll get a free gift with your box plus free shipping all the time?

Seriously, what are you waiting for?


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