glominerals gloSmoky kit: 8 Steps To Master The Smoky Eye Look

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The smoky eye is a great option for getting that mesmerizing look. It adds sex appeal not only to your eyes but your entire face. This trend has become so popular because a smoky eye can change your face dramatically, transforming the girl-next-door into a sultry diva ready for a night on the town. Creating the look is a lot easier than it seems; all you need is a good guide, patience, the right tools and a steady hand.

What you need:
glominerals Glosmoky palette
• Two quality eyeshadow brushes, one large and one small
• A blending brush
• Eyeshadow primer
• 4 Q tips
• A good high-impact VERY black mascara

The trick to creating a smoky eye look is to blend the different layers of makeup as thoroughly as possible. It is also important to invest in some good make-up brushes; they help you achieve a more professional look.

1. Be prepared
Make sure your eyelid is very clean so that your makeup doesn’t get stuck in your crease. Apply primer to help the makeup stay on longer and make your smoky eye appear more vibrant and bold.

2. Pencil me in
Using an eyeliner pencil or liquid liner, trace your lash line to outline your eyelid contour. Always work from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. For a more dramatic look, line the inner rims of your lower eyelids, too.

3. Crease “wow” factor

Using your glominerals glo smoky palette, select the semi-matte gray shadow and apply it over your entire lid, taking the small makeup brush from your lash line to your brow bone. Trace along your crease and eye socket as well. Take the bigger eye shadow brush and blend color softly.

4. Bring on the smoke
Using the smaller eye shadow brush, start blending the semi-matte gray-black shadow in at your upper lash line and continue to blend upwards. Your eyeliner should disappear under the shadow, or at least be barely visible. Stop applying the dark color when it reaches the crease of your eyelid. Repeat this toward the outer corner of your eye to continue to create a dramatic effect.

5. Let there be light!
Apply highlighter shadow—the shimmering golden champagne shade—directly underneath your brow and onto brow bone. This will accentuate the highest point on your face—by doing this you are bringing out your facial features.

6. Make a clean sweep
Sweep under your eyes with a powder brush or q-tip to get rid of excess eye shadow.
Apply concealer under your eyes AFTER you’ve finished your smoky eye. This will keep “fallout” eye shadow from getting trapped under your eye making you look like a raccoon. Raccoon eye is just not sexy.

7. Finishing touches
Apply a generous amount of mascara to make sure that your lashes stand out, but don’t apply too much. You don’t want clumps! Two coats of volumizing mascara should do the trick.

8.Avoid overdoing it

Remember, when you’re creating an intense eye look like this you have to play down your lips. A light lip gloss or nude lipstick will complement your hot new look perfectly.



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