Girls Are Growing Up Fast These Days

Young girls love to play dress up, and for many of us our infatuation with makeup began at a young age. We put on various shades of our mother’s lipstick and eye shadows and paraded around in her high heels and LOVED it. Eventually dress up evolved into something a little more sophisticated as we started to learn the basics of beginner’s makeup, and a new obsession began that in time developed into how we primp ourselves today.  Although we may have played dress-up with mommy’s red lip stick, girls generally don’t’ start wearing makeup until they hit high school or junior high at the earliest.

My new obsession with beauty haul videos brought me to this gem of a video:

There is a disclaimer that this 5 year old cutie is only demonstrating makeup for beginners and is not something she does every day which is a great relief. I hate to admit it, but this little girl is already better at putting on mascara than me and I’ve been doing this for years.  But that brings me to the question of how old should girls be to start wearing makeup?

From my personal experience, girls that wore makeup in elementary school were made fun of and it started with the lip gloss craze in junior high years. Having little sisters, I didn’t get asked any makeup advice until recently which is their freshman year in high school. In these years for a girl in high school, wearing makeup is almost expected and also a fun thing to do with the girls. Shopping for it with friends, teaching each other how to get the perfect cat-eye liner look, and finding the perfect lip gloss are all things that are fun for young girls as activities. These times are critical because are sculpting what they think their definition of beauty is. As a parent, it can be a little bit of a difficult decision if you don’t want your baby girl dolled up in class which is understandable. What if they’re just using it as a form of self expression? The main thing that is important to watch out for is if they are running up the credit card at the mall or looking like a clown when they walk outside the door. That may be the time to step in. Showing your teen that modesty is the best way to interpret fashion and beauty is a great way to get involved. is a site for teens made by teen queen Katelyn Rose, giving tips on fashion forward styles and getting them active in a positive way. Take it from the YouTube How To and Style stars, your daughter may make a fortune just by doing how-to put on makeup videos.  Enjoy another adorable video from the teeny makeup queen.

How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?



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