Get the Look – Summer Hair Trends with Sean James

Sexy Beach Hair – à la Gisele

We caught up with Beautyfix Panelist Sean James at Frank Studio in Santa Monica, CA so he could show us how to create one of the hottest summer hair trends.

When we think sexy beach hair, we can’t help but think of the ever so gorgeous Gisele Bündchen. Sean James describes the look as, “That look when you’ve come out of the ocean and the salt is still in your hair.” It’s easy to imagine Gisele strolling down the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Tom Jobim’s classic Bossa Nova tune The Girl from Ipanema playing in the background, her tan skin glowing, and her beautiful waves cascading past her shoulders. Her look is so natural – you almost believe she just rolls out of bed and looks that way. The fact of the matter is that the look is, as Sean would say, “a little more contrived.” (The look is actually achieved with a large barrel curling iron.) Okay, so maybe we can’t look like Gisele, but the good news is we can still swipe her hairstyle.


Step 1: Start with a center part.*
*If your hair is naturally curly – make sure to blow dry your hair straight first.

Step 2: Curl the hair away from your face. Work in sections and make your way around the entire head. Begin in the front and work your way around the back until you get to the center of your head. Then do the same thing starting from the other side.


Step 3: Turn your head upside down and run your fingers through your hair and give it a good shake.


Step 4: While your head is still upside down, spray your hair with a flexible hairspray (like Jonathan Product’s Finish Control) to give it a little hold.

Step 5: Blow dry your hair a bit while pulling your fingers through the curls to relax them – particularly at the root. Your hair should be straighter at the crown of your head and gradually curl towards your ends.

The finished look!

The finished look!

About Sean James:

Sean has worked with celebrities such as Jaime Pressly, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rufus Wainwright, Emily Blunt, Rita Wilson, Lindsay Lohan, and many more. He works consistently on films, commercials, television, advertising campaigns, and he is sought after all over the world. Most recently, Sean was a member of the exclusive Balmain team as the US representative at Paris Fashion Week. He has been featured on the E! network, the Style Network, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and MTV’s The Hills. He has also been featured in the world renowned publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, WWD, The New York Times, and More, just to name a few.

Sean’s adventures in hair are ongoing and groundbreaking as he continues to have a drive to explore the new and exciting ways to express inner beauty through the ever growing medium of hair. Sean’s mantra as a true artist is “explore yourself and express your inner beauty.”

Beautyfix Brand Director Nicole Cardi with Celebrity Hair Stylist Sean James

Beautyfix Brand Director Nicole Cardi with Celebrity Hair Stylist Sean James

What’s your favorite summer hair trend?


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