Get the Look: New York Fashion Week Hairstyles

By Liz W

People sometimes forget that their hair is one of their best accessories, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on hair products to create a head turning style fit for a fashion show. For the Spring 2010 Monarchy Collection show at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, Beautyfix Panelist and celebrity hair stylist Sean James created some of the season’s hottest hair looks. Leading a team of 13 stylists for Rusk, Sean created a super chic look that went perfectly with Monarchy Collection’s edgy and sophisticated designs.

Check out this backstage footage of the show.

We were eager to find out how we could achieve this look at home, so we went straight to the source to get the scoop from Sean himself:

Step 1: Get a 3/4 in barrel curling iron and some hair clips.

Step 2: Take small sections the size of the iron and wind the hair back.

Step 3: Pin the hair into small “sausage” shapes.

Make sure to work the hair in sections
Make sure to work the hair in sections

Step 4: Continue all the way to the nape or back of neck continue down horizontally down the sides, then, set the hair set the hair with w8less hairspray by Rusk, and let cool.

Letting the "little sausages" cool.
Letting the “little sausages” cool.

Step 5: When set, remove pins and tip hair upside down, spray the roots a give a vigorous shake, mold and pin into the voluminous bouncy shape you would like. Try with different size irons for different size curls

The Finished Look!

The Finished Look!

Just five quick steps and these models were ready to hit the cat walk, some in less than five minutes! As you can see, this celebrity look can be achieved with just a few tools and steps so you can look run-way ready in no time! To read more about the show and Sean James, check out his Blog.


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