Foot Petals Tip Toes- Real Relief!

No matter how hot my outfit I have no shame, I will wear my cute flats over a hot pair of pumps any day. It is so hard for me to stand up for long periods of time in high heels. No matter how cute or expensive my shoes are. My feet hurt! I’ve tried a lot of different shoe gels and pads but after a couple of hours, my feet still bother me. That’s when I found out about Foot Petals Tip Toes!

These pads immediately changed the position of my foot, helping to prevent my foot from sliding forward. They are very comfortable and easy to position, totally cushioned the ball of my foot. Even with open toe shoes, no overhanging toes! This flower-shaped life saver allows your feet to last all day. Living in LA I wear sandals a lot. And I haven’t had to replace the tip toes yet. I like that they also come in several colors. If you are feeling sassy they even have an awesome animal print.

This shoe pad keeps your foot stable even in high heels. It protects bone and tissue while cushioning the ball of your foot. It also helps prevent calluses and blisters from forming. Don’t be fooled by the thinness of the foam! The little adhesive strip is strong! No matter how hot it is and no matter how much walking you do.  I recommend these foam pads to anyone who struggles in heels like I do, or even if you’re looking for some extra foot comfort.


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