Find Your Fragrance: A Guide to Picking the Perfect Perfume

By Jenna

Ah perfume, the chemistry of a scent and a body can make you smell good, feel good and attract others, which makes it very important to us. What would we do without it? For some and most, purchasing a perfume for a loved one or friend can be difficult yet pleasing. The holiday season consists of tons of shopping and it happens online, department stores, beauty stores etc. As much as we want to save time doing our shopping sometimes we’re missing out on some vital aspects of actual experiencing what we should. It’s also good to understand what makes a fragrance a fragrance. There are more than thousands of scents to choose from and it can be very overwhelming, so here’s a perfume guide to help when choosing the perfect perfume for you or for someone else.

Source: flicker user *Katch*

Source: flicker user *Katch*

Smell around: Trying different fragrances can be fun and it can be a headache (literally). The best thing to do is use the tester sticks if you can and find one that smells appealing to you. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, then you can start to actually try it on yourself. Use your wrist or arm and give the fragrance time to settle on your skin. This is the most important part, because the fragrance notes in it will react to your natural body chemicals and give off a different smell than your initial test. The first time you smell a perfume, you’re smelling the top notes, which wears off the quickest and usually when it reacts to your body chemistry. (I’m sure everyone has experienced buying a scent that you loved then when you actually wore it around, you hated it.) Sometimes scents will smell good on you and sometimes they work out best on others. When the top notes dissipate, then you start smelling the middle notes which is the main body of the perfume or the “heart”. About 30 minutes after applying your fragrance you’ll start to smell the deeper notes which are the base notes. These scents are usually much more rich and potent and are masked by the top and middle notes.

When you love a fragrance, take a look at what it’s comprised of to get a better knowledge of what scents work best on you. There are different families that classify the fragrance. For example, a fragrance that works great on me is Aquolina’s Pink Sugar which is an oriental fragrance notes are: bergamot, Sicilian orange, raspberry, fig leaves, lily of the valley, licorice, strawberry, red fruit, cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, musk, wood, and powder. Once you know what you like you can look into bottles that have the notes in it, as most venders have a directory of notes for each fragrance. There are also different classifications based on percentages of actual perfume oil in the fragrance versus how much alcohol/water content present.  Eau de parfum, eau de toilette, cologne, extrait de parfum, and straight perfume oil. My fave is Apothia’s Velvet Rope Roll on Oil.

Online shopping:  When you’re shopping online, having note knowledge takes a challenging situation and makes it much easier, especially when you have websites that lists a note guide and info about it. Use your best judgment and trust the info on the fragrance. If it’s for someone in particular, get to know their taste of smell and even what they are currently wearing. Most importantly, have fun!

When you’re choosing a perfume stick to what you know and what you like. Always go with your basic intuition and make sure that you’re happy with it. You’re the one going to be smelling it all day, keep that in mind, and don’t be afraid to follow your nose.


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    It may interests you to know that there is this new site that will custom-make perfume oil for you once you contact them.

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    Thanks for the tip! We’ll check it out.

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