Fashion Week Runway Hair and Makeup

By Liz W

fashion week makeup user STYLEMOM

Fashion week is perhaps the most anticipated time of year for all fashion and beauty Junkies, and this year has proved to be as successful and wild as ever. From vintage inspired glam to 90’s grunge, all sorts of fashion and beauty trends are popping up on the runways making for an exciting and eclectic season.

With lace being one of the hottest materials of the current and upcoming months, it only makes sense that lace nails would be the obvious next step in beauty.  Taking inspiration from the delicate and sensual fabric, models have been spotted strutting down the runway with lacey printed nails. Although they have met mixed reviews, they are an interesting spin on nail art, and a pretty cool trend to try out. Finding a nail salon that will do it might prove a bit difficult, so your best bet is to buy some very thin lace and cut it to your nail shape and lay it over your freshly polished nails. Let it dry and lacquer them over with a thick coat of quick drying top coat and voila! Your very own runway inspired lace nails.

Issac Mizrahi went with what seems to be the it trend this year, aiming for a 90’s inspired all natural/grunge look. He sent his models down the catwalk with slept on hair and nothing but pale foundation and lip gloss, creating the message, “It’s all about the clothes.”

Others, like Jeremy Scott, didn’t play it so safe, and got a little eyeliner happy. He took winged eyeliner to a whole new level with his triple stripe wing extending to the temple. It might not be something that would go over too well at your local coffee house, but it added some spice to his show.

Weirdly enough, Nanette Lepore fell right in the middle of the two extremes of natural makeup and over the top makeup. Her models were gorgeously glamorous with subtly defined eyes and berry bright lips. This might be the only ready to wear collection complete with ready to wear makeup.

Over all, there isn’t really one trend that is being seen over and over, the mixture of drastically different looks is what makes fashion week so exciting, and with all designers fighting for the brightest place under the spotlight, there are plenty of crazy and beautiful looks to inspire you every day.


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  1. Locs by alisha says:

    thank you, I love what you wrote! i have gained alot.

  2. Annette Zadorozny says:

    Some people no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces to their hearts – Martin Buxbaum

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