Face CoTZ Natural Skin Tone SPF 40


Spring is here and summer is on its way. As the weather get warmer and you start to spend more time basking in the sun’s rays, it’s time to think about how you’re going to  protect your skin. Protect your skin with Face CoTZ  Natural Skin Tone SPF 40.

I have very sensitive skin and I always have to be careful with any products that I use, especially on my face. This product gives physical protection without chemical sunscreens, parabens, PABA or dyes. Cotz uses proprietary technology, featuring multiple particle sizes of micronized titanium and zinc, which make the formula so silky. It also helps it give great photoprotective performance while helping to prevent pre-mature skin aging and correct uneven skin tone. This non-greasy formula leaves your skin soft and smooth but not shiny. Even better, COTZ doesn’t block my pores or make me sweat. It just rubs in and protects my skin from the sun. And it’s so light, I can wear it under my makeup. Just rub a small amount into your skin and it disappears almost instantly!

This small tube goes a long way and it fits perfectly in your purse or pocket.  CoTZ helps prevent and reduce the damaging effects of the sun’s Ultraviolet light. It offers sheer elegant protection. You can apply this sun protection before you go outside. Rub it in until it fades and re apply every 2-3 hours for maximum protection.


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