Eye Reviver

I celebrated my birthday last week and realized that although I don’t necessarily feel “old” being in my early thirties, I definitely have noticed changes to my skin and hair. I can’t say I’m too excited about seeing some gray hair or the tiny crow’s feet I can visibly start to see around my eyes. Lately, my eyes have started to look a little more tired than usual with slight dark under eye circles appearing. Knowing how to get rid of tired eyes can be a challenge because of all the rejuvenating and restoring potions that promise to deliver miracle results. It can be an overwhelming feeling walking into a beauty store or shopping online not knowing where to start. I wasn’t using an anti aging eye serum before but felt now was the time to start. I was introduced to Snowberry Smoothing Eye Serum. I really wanted to use a serum that would quickly be absorbed by my skin to be able to put my makeup on right after. I noticed the lines that made my eyes look like I hadn’t had my beauty rest were smoothed away and gave me a brighter appearance. It also hydrated the little dry patches I get around the outer corners of my eyes making my skin ready for a smoother makeup concealer application. I also discovered this serum is formulated with hibiscus extract, which naturally gives the skin a firming and lifting effect. It also softens and is a great antioxidant to protect against premature signs of aging.  I’ve only been using it twice a day for a week now, and love how it’s made my skin feel.



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