Exfoliation 101

Working at a beauty company and spending some time with Dr. Magovern, the awesome and oh-so-knowledgeable dermatologist, has actually started to catch up with me.  I’m a slow learner (or maybe just lazy and stubborn?) when it comes to my beauty care, maintenance and routine.  I’ve made gradual improvements over the years; no more tanning beds, I now wear moisturizer with SPF and I even try to eat antioxidants! Although, I must give myself a pat on the back because I just reached a new milestone- exfoliants! I’ve always known about physical exfoliants, which contain ingredients like sugar or salt and actually scrub off the top layer of dead skin, but I just learned about chemical exfoliation. (I know, I know, I’m a little behind.)

Dr. Magovern recently explained to me the importance of incorporating an exfoliator that uses chemicals, such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid, and suggested adding one to my current bare-bones regimen. She assured me that, if used properly and in conjunction with sunscreen, my complexion would appear brighter. After doing some research on DermStore, I settled on DDF Skincare Brightening Cleanser. The reviews were extremely positive, 15 reviews with an average of 5 out of 5 stars, so I was sold!

Since I had never used a chemical exfoliator, I started gradually by using it once every other day. It did sting slightly at first but after about a week my skin adjusted to the cleanser. I began using it once a day, at night, and have since noticed some serious improvements in my complexion. I’ve even been getting some compliments on my skin! Not only does my skin seem brighter and clearer—I have even noticed that my blackheads seem to be disappearing. I’m hooked on this now and highly recommend it to anyone interested in a chemical exfoliator! Now I just need to remember to be extra cautious and diligent when it comes to sun protection since the chemicals increase sensitivity to sun… another big skin care step I am about to tackle!


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