End of Summer Skin Care

By Jenna

It’s here, the end of summer. Woe is me because of the damage I’ve done to my skin. I’ve fried my skin in the sun, swam in chlorine and been in the dry heat of southern California. These past few months have been too hot to handle for my skin and it’s about that time for the end of summer skin care regimen. Because of the damage caused, necessary changes need to be made to keep your skin in tip top shape. After you’re done with the post summer skin care steps, you can say sayonara to ravaged skin.

Step One – Detox and Hydrate

The heat, the chlorine, and the alcohol can take a huge toll on your body and reflect on your skin. As previously discussed, your skin is the window into what’s going on with your body internally. If you have dry skin, moisturize and drink more water. You’ll see a considerable improvement in your skin. To get the toxins of your hard working and partying summer days, a body detox is highly recommended. Take a week off of drinking (at least) and switch to a very healthy diet. These steps alone will help your body refresh tremendously. If you have your own detox diet to follow, go ahead and use it. Getting all of the bad out will prepare you for the new. During and after detoxing, be sure to hydrate yourself. This is the most important step! Drink plenty of water, if you have trouble with drinking 8-10 glasses a day, find ways to help out the process.  A contest with a peer or sending off alerts every few hours helps, so don’t ignore the signs. Your body and your skin are thirsty, don’t deprive them.

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Step Two – Exfoliate and Moisturize

Slough off those dead skin cells! Your entire body has a buildup from sunning, the outdoors and other elements. It needs a good exfoliation to help your cell turnover. It’s easily done in the shower at least once or twice a week. Diana B’s Sugar Scrub is yummy to smell and is a gentle yet effective body exfoliant. Once those dead skin cells are off and not clogging pores, you can nourish with a great skin moisturizer to unveil gorgeous skin underneath. Not only does your body need to rehydrate on the inside—it needs to be nourished on the outside as well. Alligator skin anyone? Yeah, no thanks, my skin will be as soft as a baby’s… you know. :)

Step Three – Add an Anti-Aging Regimen and Sleep it Off

A good majority of you already use a serum or another type of anti aging product. It’s time to switch it up for a month or two. Add an anti aging moisturizer or anti aging cream specifically formulated as a night cream to your skin care regimen. Why? When you’re sleeping, your body is regenerating and working to heal and repair itself. It’s the perfect time to have an anti aging product work its best. The most important part on this step? Sleep. and Make it a point to get enough rest in the next few weeks. Make it at least 6-8 hours. That’s not asking a lot! You’ll be refreshed and revived waking up, guaranteed.

Step Four – Protect With an SPF

Just because summer is going away doesn’t mean the sun is. Always include an SPF moisturizer in your daily skin care regimen to keep yourself protected from the sun’s rays all day long. We’re taking the time to revitalize our skin, but the most important part is protecting it from future damage.



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