Easy Tips to Prevent Breakouts

The majority of the planet has suffered from some type of acne breakout. Whether it’s one pimple or a dozen, it will happen to everyone at some point. While some are prone to acne more than others, there are a few things that we can do to prevent acne breakouts. To help prevent acne in the long run, try incorporating these easy acne tips into your everyday life.

Wear the correct face makeup for your skin type

I see so many people especially teens complaining about acne breakouts, yet they have a full face of heavy makeup. Choosing a foundation or powder for your skin type is very important. If you have oily, acne prone skin, using a heavier, comedogenic foundation like MAC is going to wreak havoc on your skin! Wanting to cover up your blemishes before going out in public is understandable, but going out with cake-face is going to cause you to break out more.  Try to find a powder or foundation that’s going to help the condition of your skin, not hurt it.

Another thing to consider is what packaging your face makeup comes in. Is it a liquid? Is it a powder? Do you use a compact with a sponge? Many girls don’t know that using a powder with a puff sitting on top of it for months is awful for acne. When you’re applying powder over a breakout spot with that puff, you’re picking up bacteria from your face, putting it right back into the powder then transferring right back to your skin the next time you use it. Try using a puff or sponge that is inert, or a brush that you wash every few days.

FYI – Think those samples at Sephora or safe to use? Think again they’re a haven for contagious bacteria! Use a disposable applicator if you have to try a certain shade on.

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Keep your hands off your face!

This is a habit we are all guilty of. While I’m sitting at my computer, I tend to rest my chin on my hand. If I have a pimple coming in, I am constantly feeling it to see if it magically disappeared.  Here’s a fact: Bacteria is the culprit for a lot of acne breakouts. When hands aren’t clean, that bacteria is transferring to your skin which can cause breakouts. As hard as it is, try to train yourself to keep your hands away from your gorgeous face. If needed, a bright sticky reminder note at your desk will do the trick.

Keep your personal stress levels down

Stress has a huge impact on how your body functions. Worrying all the time or having a very stressful life is not just bad for your body, but it affects your skin. I’ve always said; your skin is the window to your overall health and it couldn’t be truer. Stress contributes to acne! If you’re extremely stressed out, you are more apt to getting breakouts. Let’s say you’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and you happen to use that dirty powder puff, or touch that underground pimple with your dirty hands. Since you’re already under a tremendous amount of stress, your brain will auto-respond to any trauma and send signals to react with your inflammatory response. That spot will swell up, puss up and result in a nasty breakout. Point being, trying out that care-free attitude won’t hurt. Take that chip off your shoulder and be a little more positive. It’ll be better emotionally and help your complexion.


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