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As a licensed esthetician for almost 8 years now, I’m thrilled to be joining the Beautyfix Blogging team as an ongoing contributor, where I’ll be able to share my insight on skin and beauty. This is my first blog post and I’m excited for everyone to check it out!

Dry skin symptoms can be a problem during the winter months. Skin dryness can feel unbearable and make you want to drench yourself with tons of body moisturizer to prevent itching. As if the itching wasn’t bad enough, flakiness, cracking and even redness can make your skin look like a skin condition gone wrong. No matter what, dry itching skin is unavoidable during the winter season.  Here are a few tips on how to prevent dry skin that can help bring back some relief to survive the winter months!

  1. Moisturize several times a day. Winter cold can strip away any moisture in your skin due to low humidity levels in the air. A rich moisturizer like Shea Butter works to seal in moisture keeping skin hydrated.
  2.  Placing a humidifier in your bedroom is a great way to bring back high moisture levels in the air. Since heaters create dry, hot air, they actually zap moisture from your skin causing it to become even drier.
  3. Avoid doing any facial treatments with ingredients like acids or alcohol that may be too harsh or irritating on your skin. Soothing facial products like milky cleansers, moisturizers with antioxidants and alcohol-free toners work best and won’t strip away any natural moisture your skin produces.
  4. Pamper and massage your feet with petroleum jelly before going to bed. Leave jelly on and throw on a pair of dry cotton socks to lock in as much moisture as you can get during your beauty sleep. Petroleum jelly protects skin by preventing any further water loss even chapped lips benefit from it too.
  5. Keep a travel size hand cream handy in your car, purse or desk. Hands constantly exposed to winter cold can make the delicate skin on your hands itch and crack if not hydrated on a regular basis. Applying hand cream and wearing a pair of gloves when going outside can help keep hands hydrated throughout the day.



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  1. Donnau1 says:

    Drink plenty of water. This is the area where my son and I are lacking I think. When it is cold we don’t drink as much and we don’t eat as much raw, hydrating food. This remedy is totally simple, and often overlooked. Your skin needs water to stay soft and smooth. While putting water on your skin will dry it out, putting it in your body is essential for keeping it hydrated. Plus, drinking enough water just makes you feel better too!

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